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In holiday decorating, Christmas decorations are the most over-the-top. But easter decorations australia probably win the spot for the cutest. Easter decorations are undeniably cute, with pretty pastel colors, colorful spring flowers, perfect Easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny as a mascot. Here we share few simple and cute Easter decoration ideas for Australia from fun DIY crafts to amazing tables capes for the perfect Easter dinner. Go for it- it’s time for Easter decoration!

traditional easter decorations

Easter Garland

Your tables cape for Easter brunch tables without an on-theme centerpiece or floral arrangement is not complete. Create an elevated eucalyptus Easter garland and an array of spring flowers. This traditional easter decorations is well known in all over the world.

A Colorful Wreath

There is no better way to make a first impression than by hanging a pretty wreath on your door. This beautiful view happens in easter decorations australia.

Elevated Outdoor Picnic

If you have people over for Easter, go outside for a picnic, or go to a park with friends if you don’t have a backyard of your own. Set up a nice picnic and making the lawn with layers of fluffy throws and blankets in Easter-friendly colors look more cheerful.

Use Tulips

For an traditional easter decorations, tulips are the ideal springtime flower. Especially when surrounded by colorful egg candy and decor, they are simple, pretty, and on-theme. To make it that much more comfortable, add a pile of throws for seating.

Wheatgrass Eggs

You’ll have your very own cheery windowsill garden by applying some potting soil and wheatgrass seeds to hollow egg shells.

easter egg decorations

Deck Out Your Easter Food Table

Pick your favorite pastel Easter paint for an elevated Easter brunch or dinner party and let that decide the tables cape. We love the pink runner pastel and the pink and white blooms.

Poised Place cards

Flag a position with these easy place cards for each guest at brunch (and show speckled eggs). Even after they have left the dishes, they will be added to the tables cape.

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Egg Bowls and Vases

Simply adding speckled eggs to the bowls and vases. You already have is a simple way to make your home feel more festive in easter decorations australia.

Hanging Easter Eggs

These beautiful grey, white, and gold eggs are another concept for inspired traditional easter decorations.

Use Floral Wreath Dinner Plates

Over these gold-rimmed wildflowers painted dinner plates, layering either a plain white or pastel salad plate will give your table an effortlessly elegant look.

Egg Bowls and Vases

Branch Out

This free-spirited call for an equally earthy vessel is flowering. Slide three grapevine wreaths over a circular water glass vase, then place a ball of chicken wire inside to support the hellebore, clematis, nigella, scabiosa, spirea, and garlic blossom wispy branches. The effect is an exuberant mini meadow in full bloom.

Red Eggs

Wooden nesting eggs deliver an adult twist on the traditional childhood Easter surprise with red-painted interiors. They may be used as favours for an adult party or all of their own as decorations.

Red Eggs Wreath

Eggs, symbols of regeneration in many cultures, serve in this festive wreath as the ideal star portion. It features both hollowed chicken eggs and quail eggs, whose speckled shells, after they’ve been dyed red, really look like sculpture.

Easter Bunny Garland

Thanks to their basic structure, these cheerful decorations multiply easily. March the rabbits around a garland, sit them on top of cupcakes. Use easter decorations australia to give sneak peeks into gift bags to add some holiday cheer to your dessert table.

Easter Egg Garland

There are many benefits of using an Easter Egg pattern for a garland. The form is so basic that children can get interested. There are various decorative choices to pick from so that you can tailor the crafting process to something you have in your house. If you have any handy at home, you can even play with felt and cloth. So let your creativity run wild like traditional easter decorations and try this Easter craft idea!

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Quilt Tablecloth

When it comes to the Easter table decorations, don’t be intimidated to step outside of the box. Nothing will lay the groundwork for a cozy meal better than a handmade quilt-turned-tablecloth, particularly paired with matching brunch ware.

Woodland-Themed Tables Cape

Styling anemones, ferns, eucalyptus, and moss-covered eggs on a burlap runner will produce this rustic and flower-filled display. Often adding a soft touch are wood slabs, moss piles, and monogrammed shells. Using a tiny paintbrush to fleck tan acrylic paint (thinned with a bit of water) on undyed farm eggs, you can make these custom Easter eggs (and simple place card alternatives). To handwrite guest initials, then use a gold paint pad.


It should be simple, enjoyable and something to look forward to decorating for traditional easter decorations, not a complicated chore. We know that, which is why we’ve gathered our very best Easter decoration ideas here. Those simple easter decorations australia are sure to make the holiday a lot choppier. Let’s get handicrafts!


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