funny christmas traditions around the world

Christmas, regarded mainly as a time to get around with our families, is probably our best time of the year. With our loved ones, sharing happy memories filled with excitement and laughter fills our hearts with warmth. The joy of doing well, the pleasure of figuring out what Santa got us, and feeling proud of the way. We decorated our favorite Christmas tree are definitely what we enjoy most about Christmas. In different corners of the world, these customs are popular. But what is the funniest tradition of Christmas around nowadays? I ‘m sure there aren’t many of you who are having a witch’s gift or tossing pudding at the ceiling. What about feeding a decomposed chicken, or the Christmas tree hiding a pickle? All around the world, there are so many funny Christmas traditions around the world and we’d love to share them with you.

Funny Christmas Traditions

Eating KFC as a Traditional Christmas Food in Japan

There are a lot of things about KFC that you don’t know, like the success of the chain in Japan. It’s a Kentucky Fried Christmas for the people of Japan, thanks to an insanely successful 1974 ad campaign. While Christmas in the country is a non-religious occasion, it is so common to eat KFC from 23 to 25 December that Japanese citizens begin placing orders two months in advance to ensure their holiday dinner.

Traditional Christmas Food

Holiday Marathons in North America

For whatever cause, holiday marathons have become popular in North America for no particular intent other than to spread holiday cheer. “These 5 K runs typically take place in late November or early December, whether it’s part of a Santa Claus parade or a different event altogether, and state goals such as” create Christmas excitement “or” display the holiday spirit.

Hiding Brooms in Norway

If you hate sweeping, Christmas is a holiday for you in Norway. Years before, Norwegians claimed that the 24th of December was the day when witches. The ghosts came forth and took to the sky. As the key means of travel for a witch is (obviously) the broom, in order to drive witches away from their houses. These are funny christmas traditions around the world that people in this country will hide all brooms and cleaning materials until Christmas.

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Facing Demons in Austria

St Nicholas has an evil analogue in Austria, named Krampus. He’s the evil cop to the good cop of St Nick’s, a demon-like entity with one job: to torment bad kids before Christmas. Along the streets, men clad in demon robes wander. Bearing chains and a basket to kidnap particularly poor children and take them to hell. It’s probably one means of getting children off the streets.

Catalan Logs in Spain

The Catalan Poop Log, an especially unusual Christmas tradition in Spain, is Tió De Nadal. Crafted by hand, it is a small wooden character made of a stick and art materials are kindly dealt from 8 to 24 December. While children give him nuts, fruit and cover him for warmth in a blanket. They beat him with sticks on Christmas Eve while singing a traditional song. They raise the blanket after the beating to announce that the log has pooped a stack of sweets for their amusement.

Pickle in the Tree in Germany

In Germany, there is a funny Christmas tradition of hiding a pickle in the Christmas Tree and asking children to find it. The child who finds it gets an extra gift. It is assumed that the Christmas tree tradition adopted around the world today originated back in the 16th century in Germany. So it comes as no surprise that our Teutonic cousins already have some amusing traditions related to festive trees.

Pickle in the Tree in Germany

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Christmas with Donald Duck in Sweden

Americans could be celebrating Christmas by watching “A Christmas Story,” but without Donald Duck, no holiday is complete in Sweden. At 3 p.m. every year, the 1958 Walt Disney special “Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul” (“Donald Duck and His Friends Wish You a Merry Christmas”) airs on TV on Christmas Eve. And a whopping 40 percent of the country is estimated to be tuned in. Compared to other countries where Mickey Mouse is much more popular. The Swedish translation represents Donald Duck ‘s success in Sweden. This holiday service in America is called “From All of Us to All of You,” and it is considerably more ambiguous.

Spiders in Christmas Tree in Ukraine

Spiders can be synonymous in America with Halloween. But seeing one of these creepy insects in your Christmas tree is considered good luck in Ukraine. That’s because of the Christmas Spider Tradition. In which a pine cone in a poor family’s hut developed into a Christmas tree and was covered in spider webs. The webs transformed into gold and silver as the children opened the windows on Christmas Day. Ensuring that the family would once again be living in poverty. Today, common tree ornaments are spiders and cobwebs considering it to be among the funny Christmas traditions around the world.


Think of the rituals for the Christmas holidays. They probably entail stringing lights around an evergreen. The racing during the season to the mall to find the right gift and baking more cookies for Christmas than you might ever think. Although Americans somehow celebrate Christmas. This holiday looks very, really different all over the globe as there are various funny Christmas traditions around the world.


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