how christmas is celebrated around the world

It’s no secret among friends and family that we’re crazy for Christmas traditions, decorating our house from wall to wall and immersing ourselves in local holiday celebrations. In fact, it’s the one time of year that we simply refuse to travel. It’s the most wonderful time is how christmas is celebrated around the world. For a couple of weeks every year the world takes on a magic glow. It better define by people that seem merrier and even winter somehow feels cozy.

Whether you’re celebrating a religious festival, like Hanukkah or Christmas, or a more secular occasion. You have to sure about your selection of rituals or customs that make the holiday season so special. Our favorite Christmas traditions around the world are loud, proud, and guarantee oodles of festive fun.

How about waking to find rotten potatoes left in your shoes by a mischievous Father Christmas? Or Kentucky Fried Chicken for your Christmas dinner? Believe it or not, those are actual Christmas traditions around the world.

From Christmas by the beach with fresh seafood in New Zealand, to hot porridge that keeps families warm during the cold Finland winter, you’ll discover just how different these global holiday traditions are. What’s more, we think you’ll wow your family during your Christmas party with all of the following interesting Christmas trivia.

How Christmas is Celebrated around the World

On Christmas morning, Finish families traditionally eat a porridge made of rice and milk topped with cinnamon, milk, or butter. Whoever finds the almond placed inside one of the puddings “wins”—but some families cheat and hide a few almonds so the kids don’t get upset. At the end of the day, it is customary to warm up in a sauna together.

christmas celebrations

Although you may find that some yuletide rituals remain the same, like singing carols, decorating a Christmas tree, making advent calendars, and feasting on a lot of Christmas ham, we think the following Christmas traditions around the world may surprise you.
So there you have it. No matter where you are in the world, we hope you have an extraordinary holiday season and a Merry Christmas!

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United States of America

Cavalcade of lights

A winter wonderland, Toronto celebrates Christmas with a spectacular show of lights and colors. Stunning Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, and figurines of Santa Claus line the streets. Families enjoy ice-skating with a spectacular show of fireworks and share Christmas greetings with loved ones.

Christmas In Germany

In wintry, wonderful Toronto the annual Cavalcade of Lights marks the official start to the holiday season. The first Cavalcade took place in 1967 to show off Toronto’s newly constructed City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square. The Square and Christmas tree are illuminated by more than 300,000 energy-efficient LED lights that shine from dusk until 11 pm until the New Year. On top of that, you’ll get to witness spectacular fireworks shows and engage in some outdoor ice skating.

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The lighting of the first candle at the White House takes place at 4pm, rain or shine, and an additional candle is lit each successive night. The event is free to attend. Massive trumpet-playing Angels line the pools, which are festooned with hundreds of orbs designed to reflect the lights from every direction. Follow them down and you’ll find the famous ice skating rink and 94-foot tall Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.


Saint Nicholas with his three amigos: Santa Claus, Knecht Ruprecht. Nikolaus travels by donkey in the middle of the night on December 6 (Nikolaus Tag) and leaves little treats like coins, chocolate. Christmas in Germany enjoys with oranges and toys in the shoes of good children all over Germany, and particularly in the Bavarian region. St. Nicholas also visits children in schools.

At home and in exchange for sweets or a small present each child must recite a poem, sing a song or draw a picture. In short, he’s a great guy. But it isn’t always fun and games. St. Nick often brings along Knecht Ruprecht (Farmhand Rupert). A devil-like character dressed in dark clothes covered with bells and a dirty beard, Knecht Ruprecht carries a stick or a small whip in hand to punish any children who misbehave. Hope this guide ‘how christmas is celebrated around the world’ will help you in your future.


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