how to be a good mother and wife

When a wife becomes a parent, her life can feel so daunting that her role as a wife takes second place. Motherhood can be too challenging to leave time or resources for something else. Look out mothers! You and your husband both expect a fulfilling life, for which, at the same time, you must learn how to be a good mother and wife. Only a woman can fully understand the efforts of becoming a strong mother and a better wife to balance the scales. Both consume time and resources and it can be overwhelming to do justice to each other. Try the following tips, however, and with a smile, you might well be able to walk this tightrope and get the answer of how to become a good mother an wife!

Balancing Wifely and Motherly Roles

I think it’s possible for us to build a sense of equilibrium in both positions that helps us to be great. Is it going to be simple? It surely isn’t but I believe it is very likely. In an attempt to make those they love happy, the error most women make is sacrificing so much to themselves. They end up running on an almost empty tank and while they want to sustain a stable life, they want to fulfil any need their children has.

how to be a good mother

Talk Things Out with Your Partner

You need to speak to your partner if you feel like you are disappointing yourself or your family. It may sound clear to you, but maybe this man doesn’t even know that you are suffering.

Get a Regular Babysitter

If it’s with your guy on a romantic night or when you need to have a manicure. The question ‘how to be a good mother and wife’ is a pedicure, it’s a must to have a caretaker you trust.

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Consider Therapy, Coaching, or Counseling

Role of self is ensuring that your personal needs are handled by you. It is important to get treatment if you are feeling anxious, exhausted, and stressed. Pray with your partner, pray with your kids, pray as a family, and pray alone.  Prayer is fruitful.

Quit Nagging

There is a proverb that as a persistent dripping, a nagging wife could bother. In my view, it seems real. Via nagging, most people get irritated. Even your own friendship, moaning and nagging endlessly could build an undesired rift. As a consequence, it becomes a dangerous circle that causes your husband to ignore you. This would make it between the two of you completely complicated and make them even worse. In reality, nagging doesn’t work, so stop it right now.

Be A Great Maid

It’s also important for you to learn how to be a good maid when it comes to how to be a good wife and mother when working. It sounds insane, but it works, really. Your house has to be ordered and tidy. It would lift your husband’s morale if the environment is safe. Only build some new ideas to decorate your home. How to be a good mother and wife can make it a peaceful spot for him to come back, and you as well. Don’t get burdened by these jobs. It is not a bad idea, at all. By doing your husband’s chores, try making him reliant on you. I bet he’ll miss you and worry of you whenever you’re not next to him at the moment. First a good wife should be a mate, second, a boyfriend, and most importantly, third, a maid.

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Express Love

It is of no use hiding passion. Instead of withholding it, show your love to your husband. He’s going to give you his love back, maybe more. Take part and share time with him in his hobbies. Praised, as well as sometimes complementing him. In order to express your affection, only small movements would suffice. Keep his special days in mind, celebrate little moments in easy ways that will encourage him to enjoy them. Just have some special thoughts and he won’t be able to miss the special moments and memories you’ve made.

Express Mother Love

Cultivate Your Interests and Friends

It seems odd to get this tip about how to be a good mother and wife when working. Nevertheless, it’s really easy for you to limit your social relationships and network to revolve around your lover until you’re married. It’s too much to ask your only husband to be your lover, your partner, and even your own best girlfriend. No one can fully fulfil your demands. So outside of your marriage, you should spend time hanging out with your friends.

Have Realistic Expectations

You are not flawless, unmet standards always frustrate everyone and your husband is not going to be an exception. If your own expectations are very unrealistic or too high, you can set standards that can be reached. For e.g., asking your husband to be at home for any meal is unjust. If you want to spend more time together you can plan the desired one at some cost.

Be Understanding

When debating something with your husband, you should be an accommodating person. You need to know how important it is to manage your temper, so you will regret it later. And if you do not like your husband’s proposals, you ought to consider his point of view. Remember that there are no couples with an equal range of personalities and convictions. Your bond shows you how to act and cope with times when your feelings can not be resolved.

Understanding Mother


It can be very difficult to balance how to be a successful mom and a wife at the same time. It also seems impossible for many women to be excellent at one and yet have the energy to be great at the other. And truthfully, being a wife is the position that seems to suffer the most. Hope we answer ‘how to be a good mother and wife’ in better way that will surely help you in mother world.


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