how to bottle feed your breastfed baby

Parents always wonder “when is the best time to introduce a bottle?” There is no ideal time, but lactation counsellors typically prefer waiting until the supply of breast milk is developed and breastfeeding is going well. A decent time period is to sell a bottle anywhere from 2-4 weeks while thinking of how to bottle feed your breastfed baby. Waiting too long (after 6 weeks) sometimes may result in a baby who will actively reject the bottle.
Offering a bottle 3-4 days a week and no more than once a day.

While ensuring a good breastfeeding connection, can keep the baby acquainted with the artificial nipple. If your baby is choosing the bottle over the breast, either give the bottle less much or avoid feeding the bottle all together before breastfeeding is going smoothly again. If the baby receives a bottle, note, particularly during the early months, mom must pump it to secure her milk supply. While the sleep of a full night might sound enticing, without expressing milk from her breasts, a mother must not go too long or her supply would decline.

The Method

In the breastfeeding arrangement, the baby is an active partner. He must root, check for the breast, and open the latch wide. While considering how to bottle feed your breastfed baby, it is necessary to repeat this behavior with a bottle to encourage breastfeeding.

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  • Choose a slow flow nipple that requires the kid to make every effort to get the milk out of the bottle.
  • In an almost upright position, put the infant. Only fill the nipple with breast milk and keep the bottle in a horizontal way. Gravity would not take a part in the movement of milk when holding the bottle horizontally.

Techniques of Breastfed

  • By brushing the lips with the nipple, allow your kid to spread wide and look for the bottle on how to bottle feed your breastfed baby. Place the whole nipple in the baby’s mouth as the baby opens his mouth wide, like a yawn, so that his lips land softly on the base of the nipple. Do not encourage him to take into his mouth just the tip of the nipple. (May result in mom’s sore nipples when nursing).
  • For a solution on how to bottle feed your breastfed baby, tip the bottle up just enough as the infant is sucking, that there is no air in the nipple and the nipple opening is filled with milk. Enable the child to safely keep pace with the meal. Watch the baby’s signs for a relaxed feed or a painful one. The milk can flow too rapidly if she is gulping milk with wide-open eyes and splayed fingers.
  • To slow the milk flow, lower the end of the bottle while it is still in the baby’s mouth. Similar to breastfeeding, the kid can use jaw-dropping sucks and not get milk coming out of his mouth. Stress signs include: concerned brow, gulping, gasping, panting, bottle pushing, or turning away.

How to Bottle Feed Your Breastfed Baby

  • Bottle-feeding can take 15-20 minutes to complete and it should be kept in mind while thinking on how to bottle feed your breastfed baby. The flow is expected to be quick if the kid finishes the bottle in 5-10 minutes. If it takes 30-45 minutes for your baby to get a drink, the flow is too sluggish.
  • To fulfil the desires of your infant, try replacing the bottle and nipple. The one that does not spill through his lips and he can feed slowly and safely is the right bottle for your baby.
  • To finish the bottle, do not coax your infant. Check the signals of your baby (slower suckles, releasing nipples from her lips, falling asleep) for indications that his meal has been done.
  • Try various positions for feeding. In a semi-reclining posture, keep the kid more upright.
  • Close to breastfeeding, consider holding and cuddling the baby. Keep the baby so that the back of the baby rests on Dad’s chest and the baby faces beyond. When the bottle is given, consider holding the infant in a bouncy seat or stroller.

Important Factors on Breastfed

  • Give the bottle at a time when everyone is calm and content, once or twice a day. Practice doing your best for 5-10 minutes to maintain a “happy time.” A consistent practice will help your baby adapt over time to the bottle.
  • Aim to make the kid play with the bottle, mouth the nipple without getting an agenda for eating. Give small numbers. A jump in the right direction is even a few sips. You won’t have lost any of your precious milk if they don’t finish the bottle. If the infant is overwhelmed by efforts at bottle feeding. Comfort them and love them. Wait about 10 minutes until the breast is offered.
  • If the bottle is too slow, the entire bottle can frustrate the infant. Find a bottle and nipple for your kid that fits while practicing how to bottle feed your breastfed baby. Maintain a good outlook and do not encourage a depressed kid and tearful parents to result in bottle-feeding fights.


Any individuals fear that the kid won’t take one later if they don’t put a nipple down early on. If a younger baby is marginally more likely than an older one to embrace a bottle. It’s not a powerful influence. How to Bottle Feed Your Breastfed Baby some with a little coaxing, will accept a bottle!


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