how to burp a baby with hiccups

When something causes the diaphragm to spasm, hiccups happen, and the vocal cords rapidly shut down. Air is squeezed out of the closed vocal chords, causing the sound of hiccupping. A large muscle that stretches around the bottom of the rib cage is the diaphragm. When a human breathes, it goes up and down. How to burp a baby with hiccups For no obvious reason, hiccups in babies appear to occur.

But feeding may sometimes cause the diaphragm to spasm. It can happen when a baby swallows too much air, overfeeds, and consumes too quickly.

Even before your baby is born, child hiccups are a reaction that begins very early. In fact, the hiccup reflex is very powerful in newborns; they will spend up to 2.5 percent of their time hiccupping in the newborn period. Then, the hiccups begin to reduce as they mature out of the infant stage.

Burping the Baby

Young babies naturally fuss and feel cranky as they swallow air at feedings. While this happens with both breastfed and bottle-fed babies, the bottle is most commonly used.
You’re better off halting the feeding as it starts than making the baby fuss and eat at the same time. This continued fussing will encourage her to drink even more air, which will only raise her discomfort and make her vomit up.

Use Gripe Water

While considering how to burp a baby with hiccups, use gripe water. Gripe water is a combination of water and herbs. It is traditionally used to treat issues with colic and other problems with the stomach. The herbs normally found in gripe water include the following:
Some people consider the gripe water will help if stomach symptoms are responsible for hiccups. Currently, however, no empirical data confirms this procedure.

Position the Baby

With her head on your shoulder, keep the infant straight, holding her head and back as you pat her back softly with your other hand while thinking of how to burp a baby with hiccups. If after several minutes, she still hasn’t burped, continue feeding her and don’t worry; no baby burps every time. When she is done, burp her again and cradle her for 10 to 15 minutes in an upright posture so that she doesn’t spit up.

Sit the infant on your lap, one-handedly holding her chest and head while patting her back with the other hand. Lay the baby, with her back up, on your lap. Help her head so that it is higher than her chest and pat your hand on her back softly or rotate it.

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Take a Break and Burp

It can help to get rid of the hiccups by taking a break from feeding to burp your infant, as burping will get rid of excess gas that can cause the hiccups. Burping is also helpful when it keeps the infant in an upright posture. Not only after feeding, but also occasionally during the feeding, burp your bottle-fed infant. If your infant is breastfed, burp your baby after swapping breasts.

Use a Pacifier

A pacifier’s sucking action may help soothe a hiccupping baby and reduce the spasms of the diaphragm.

Tips to Prevent Baby Hiccups

While they are normally harmless, there are ways parents can help discourage hiccups from occurring to infants. Take note of when hiccups arise with your infant while thinking of how to burp a baby with hiccups.
For instance, whether they only appear after the feedings of your baby or when you lay him in a certain position, you might cause the hiccups and change how and when you feed your baby or what position you put him in.
You may consider any of the following strategies to help avoid hiccups from happening if your baby hiccups regularly or appears uncomfortable with their hiccups.

Burp the Baby Well

Excess air bubbles that get stuck when your baby is feeding will cause hiccups. The gas bubbles that could add to the hiccups may be eliminated by burping.

Adjust the Amount and Timing of Feeding your Infant

Some literature indicates that hiccups may result from overfeeding your baby or feeding too rapidly. If you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, to help stop them, it may be important to change the amount you feed your infant. For solution of how to burp a baby with hiccups, start feeding tiny doses more often to see if your baby is making a difference.

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Examine the Baby’s Bottle

If hiccups are a big concern, the culprit could be your baby’s bottle. During feeding, some bottle styles can absorb more oxygen than others. Try multiple brands or styles that are able to reduce the air contained in the container.


Hiccups of newborns are not necessarily a cause for concern. The bulk of kids in their first year have hiccups. Several of the possible causes contribute to feeding. Reduce hiccups by adopting feeding best practices, and certain home remedies can also help.


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