how to decorate easter eggs with watercolor

Easter is a festival that is celebrated in the memory of restoration of Jesus from dead. It occurred on the third after His burial. Easter eggs are also called Paschal eggs; they are in some cases beautified. They are more often utilized as a gift and blessings on the event of Easter. You can get complete details on how to decorate easter eggs with watercolors in rhis article.

In ancient times people used chicken eggs and colored or dyed them to make them beautiful. Nowadays people prefer to use chocolate eggs that are wrapped in colorful foil, some people also used hand carved wooden eggs and plastic eggs containing sweets such as chocolates, candies and other sweet items. Real chicken eggs are still used in Central and Eastern European traditions. Every year new ideas are presented on how to decorate Easter eggs with watercolors which people follow and make their Easter celebration more colorful.

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Ways to decorate Easter eggs with watercolors

  1. Make a little whole on each end of the egg, shake it up to create the yolk isolated, and after that blow through one gap so the internal parts of the egg come out.
  2. Once you’ve blown out the egg, you’ll be able brighten it and decorate Easter eggs with watercolors. Mix a tablespoon of white vinegar with about a 1/2 cup of water and rolled the egg in it before starting painting with watercolors. vinegar is supposed to help bind color to egg shells.
  3. By using glitter water colors, we can also present a unique idea on how to decorate Easter eggs with watercolors. They are very vibrant in colors. In this process we will decorate eggs with food color.
  4. Every time we dye an egg we have to blow egg out of the egg shell and let it dry. Start dyeing it with solid color, most preferable base color is white because it will enhance all other colors on it. Let it dry. Select any vibrant food color and take its generous amount to add in water.
  5. 1 tsp of vinegar is must because it allows colors to absorb properly. Submerge your egg beneath the water. Utilize a stick to thrust the egg beneath.
  6. Hold it there until sufficient water had entered the gap of the egg to weigh it down. Let the egg sit within the colored water for around 10 minutes.
  7. When the eggs are colored enough to your expectations, evacuate it from the glass, drain/blow out any water, and let it dry on your preparing rack for around 10 minutes. Enjoy 😊
  8. Color Easter eggs using medicine dropper while thinking of how to decorate Easter eggs with watercolors. Fill dropper with water color. Don’t need to dilute water color fill dropper with full strength color.

Watercolor Egg Painting

  1. Put your egg on cooling rack while decorating egg. This will allow the watercolor to run right of the egg rather than pooling up and immersing the foot side of the egg.
  2. Drip, drip, drip colors with dropper making beautiful markings and designs. This is really cool. Sprinkle some glitter on egg.
  3. After coloring let the egg dry on cooling rack. If it will look a little dull apply some cooking oil on it to add glossy look. Makeup pad or a paper towel help to polish the egg.
  4. Watercolor paint has one drawback: it’s difficult to control. It needs to scatter, unlike most paints. Simply color the egg with a thick dye, then crinkle the plastic wrap and dab it all over it. In some areas, the wrap replaces the ink, and in others, it collects it deeper.
  5. If possible, let it dry without smudging. It has a really cool appearance and is a great idea about how to decorate Easter eggs with watercolors.
  6. A similar method is used to make the Speckled Egg. Coat the egg fully with paint, then dab the egg with a tiny bristle brush dipped in water to decorate Easter eggs with watercolors. When the water reaches the egg, the dye becomes diluted.

watercolor egg painting

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Important Tricks and Tips

  • In order for this to work better, the colors you choose should be very saturated, in my opinion. I use 10- 12 drops of food coloring in around a cup of water while I’m using it. If you’re using a different dye, make sure it’s as saturated as possible. Simply apply more water to the brighter shades while trying how to decorate Easter eggs with watercolors.
  • I prefer to rest my eggs on plastic water bottle caps or milk jug caps until they dry. They won’t roll around that way.
  • Make sure you let your eggs dry absolutely between layers of paint. This prevents them from colliding.
  • You may use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process by drying the eggs in between each color coat.


Watercolors can be difficult to work with, but they’re still perfect for making lovely, organic compositions. Various techniques and tricks can be used to produce complex patterns that would otherwise be impossible to do with ordinary paint and you can create new ideas on how to decorate Easter eggs with watercolors.



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