How to Get Baby to Nap Longer than 30 Minutes

Extending your child’s sleep time involves a very easy and simple process. Parents may need to follow some small and quick steps to get their baby to nap longer. Young infants may take very short and frequent naps and parents may find their baby uncomfortable. Many common problems occurring with the baby may cause him/her to sleep in frequent and short cycles. Babies of 6 months and older need to have sleep longer than 30 minutes to reinstate their energy and freshen their moods. This is due to the reason that baby nap cycles are about 50 minutes long. If your child wakes up early from a nap, and has not completed a sleep sequence. How to get baby to nap longer than 30 minutes may feel tired and bad-tempered.

Fixing Baby’s Night Sleep

To get your baby to sleep longer first you need to fix your baby’s night sleep. This is due to the reason that your baby’s sleep drive is the strongest at night time, so the baby is more probable to fulfill with variations to his sleep routine. Sleep time during the day is different. The initiative to sleep comes and goes. This is because a relaxed baby sleeps much better than an under slept one. When your baby sleeps well and is relaxed then he may be a happy baby.

baby only naps 30 minutes

It is very easy to get him sleeping longer too. Overall, sleeping well means that your baby completes his sleep cycle mostly at night. If your baby is conscious and difficult to calm down for long periods of time at night, it is recommended that you should pause nap teaching and in its place work on night sleep while thinking of how to get baby to nap longer than 30 minutes.

Keep Watch on Baby’s Awake Times

If the awake time is too short, the baby may not be sleepy enough and ready for a nap. If the awake time is too long, the baby might be tired and exhausted. This may cause the baby’s body to issue stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, to keep the baby awake and attentive. As these hormones are released, it gets very hard for baby to relax and sleep well.

Baby Awake Times

  • Newborn Baby: 30-90 minutes
  • 7-15 weeks’ year old baby: 1-2 hours
  • 4-5 months’ year old baby: 1.5-2.5 hours
  • 6-8 months’ year old baby: 2-3 hours
  • 9-12 months’ year old baby: 2.5-3.5 hours
  • Infant taking 2 naps: 3-4 hours
  • Toddler taking 1 nap: 4-5.5 hours

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Feed the Baby

Babies sleep longer and relaxed when their stomachs are full. If you don’t feed them properly they may wake up due to hunger between their sleep. So it is important to make sure that your baby has eaten within the time of 20-30 minutes of putting them down for sleep. This is important to follow while thinking of how to get baby to nap longer than 30 minutes.

Managing the Sleep Space

For older children and babies, the best sleep place is non disturbing sleep away from the disturbances of the day. All babies younger than 4 months can sleep anywhere. either if it is your bright living room, or a packed cafe or sometime in the baby carrier does not seem to disturb their capacity to snooze well. But the babies around 4 months old, the baby goes past a vast developing stage. And portion of this growth results in a change in sleep. If suddenly your baby becomes choosier about where and how she or he will fall asleep. The baby might wake up premature from naps, fight naps or may seem uncomfortable in common.

How to Get Baby to Nap Longer than 30 Minutes

This is the definitive symbol that it is time to make his/her daytime napping space alike to her nighttime sleep space as to help her nap well. All of the factors that help the baby sleep well at night will help him/her nap better as well such as noise free room, darkened room. The parents must offer their child a sleep-friendly environment for each nap. This will ultimately help the baby to sleep good and longer, because it will provide the best quality and most curative sleep. If the baby needs to infrequently nap in the pram that is fine also. Some babies sleep good with motion, so this is a very fine option on how to get baby to nap longer than 30 minutes.

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Make your babies habit of falling asleep independently

If the baby continuously wakes up 30 minutes after going to sleep then it is due to the reason that the baby just completed one cycle of sleep and needs to start a new cycle. The conditions that your baby is used to get sleep are very important on how to get baby to nap longer than 30 minutes. If the baby is fond of being carried and falling asleep then these conditions must be applied on the baby for his/her good sleep. It can be hard for the baby too fall asleep after a short nap.


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