how to help a child overcome fear of swimming

Most of the children at a young age are afraid of water, mainly going deep down in the water. The quicker parents’ guide their children about water the more it will be helpful on how to help a child overcome fear of swimming. For some children swimming might be a regular sport or exercise and for some children it might not be a pleasant exercise. Parents should tell their children about swimming at appropriate age and help them as possible to overcome their fear.

This article, should not surprise the readers as most children fear going in the swimming pool especially youngsters. The more readily parents introduce their child to the water, the easier it’ll be for both the parents and the child. Most of the parents send their children for training in baby swimming classes when they’re of very little age. This not only can help small babies learn to protect themselves in the occasion of them sinking into water unknowingly.

But also it will make it less probable that they’ll be scared of the water when they’re grown-up. Frequently, the terror of swimming is not about the water itself. Children might also hate swimming as the chlorine or salts in the water might bother their eyes. They may perhaps also be terrified that there is something beneath the water in the swimming pool. The parents must try to get their baby to clarify what it is about going in water that panics them.
Following are the steps you can take on how to help a child overcome fear of swimming:

Bring your Child to the Side of a Pool

The parents should bring their child near the swimming pool without the use of any protective gear used inside the pool like floating tubes or water is due to the reason that by the use of any of these tools the child might develop a sense of insecurity and it may induce a habit into the child of not going in the water without any of these tools.

Let your Child Touch the Water

You must let their child touch the water on how to help a child overcome fear of swimming. They must guide their child that water is safe and there is no need to panic from it. They can splash the water too to show their children that water can be fun to play with too.

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Make your Child Blow Bubbles into the Water

The parents must have their child blow some water bubbles into the water using his or her mouth. The parents can demonstrate this fun activity by getting inside the swimming pool with their child. They can also hold their child into the pool partially submerged in water instead of being fully submerged in water if they are still troubled by water.

Play Games with your Child in Water

Playing games with children in the swimming pool is a very great idea to overcome their fear of swimming. The parents can start by giving comfortable space to their children in the pool and giving them the support they need in the pool. As the child becomes comfortable in the pool the parents should remove the support they have given to their child so that they might float or swim in the water on their own. Parents must try to teach the children the techniques of moving their arms and legs as required to swim.

Help your Kid become Comfortable and Happily enter the Pool

Children must not be made to enter the pool forcefully. The parents must gain the confidence of their child to find out when the fear of the child begins when they bring up the subject of swimming. They must enquire their child when he or she is relaxed and willing to go inside the swimming pool. If the parents want to make their child comfortable with water. How to help a child overcome fear of swimming they must know appropriately which portion of swimming makes their child troubled. This is very important while thinking how to help your child overcome the fear of swimming.

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Take Slow Steps

Pushing the child into the swimming pool or misleading them into swimming before they’re prepared is an exceptional method to rise their suspicions and reduce their faith in you as their parent. One should not let this happen. Parents should take very slow and steady steps. They must take their child to the pool and permit them to witness without going in the water. The parents must encourage their children to sit beside them in the pool. The observe the nature of water and overcome their fears.


By making progress in these little ways, you can help your child overcome the fear of swimming. Parents can also seek professional help for helping out their child in forgetting their fears about water. Hope this article on “how to help a child overcome fear of swimming” defines the best practice.


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