how to make extra money for christmas

The vacations in the winter months can be so costly. The average individual likes to spend approximately $1,000 on presents between Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many other holidays. Other holiday expenses, such as travel expenses, meals, get reunions, decorations, and more, do not even qualify for this number. Now’s the chance to get to work, if you are trying to evade more debt. Invest and earn to buy something better than normal, or do something exciting for your family! Here are several opportunities on how to make extra money for Christmas so you can get the holiday season you deserve.

One-time Gigs

In your local area, there may be many different one-time jobs you can hunt, and Craigslist is a perfect way to search for them. The beautiful part about such jobs is that you are certain to get paid, before or right after you finish the job, which ensures you will get paid the same day! Some of these jobs may include:

  • Remove yard debris
  • Transporting bricks
  • Plow snow
  • Passing out flyers and brochures
  • Housecleaner
  • Motorhome hauler
  • Kitchen cleaner

These jobs will certainly not make you rich but one can certainly earn a few hundred bucks if he spends his weekend doing this kind of gigs.

Extra Money for Christmas

Filling out Online Surveys

Online surveys are another good way to make some cash that can be used to stash gift cards or cash for holidays. Each survey site has different requirements and pays differently. Again, it won’t make you wealthy but it can certainly help in saving a little money to buy gifts for your loved ones. Some survey sites to check out for some quick cash include:

  • Survey Junkie
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Swag bucks

Participating in Medical Studies

Medical studies are also an interesting way to make extra money for Christmas holidays. It can earn you anyway from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The best way to participate in this survey is either directly contacting the psychology department of your school or university or finding such surveys online through different social media groups.

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Becoming a Driver Partner with Uber or Lyft

Having to spend your free time driving someone around can be a perfect way to make some cash. And since you can encounter all types of people as a driver, it is an enjoyable way to make money. You can commute in your free time for Uber if you live in a town where on-demand ride-sharing is common if you have a car. Everything is processed through the app, and you get paid every week by bank transfer.

Many clients may tip in cash, but the whole exchange is cashless, for the most part. You just have to pay for just about everything as a driver, namely petrol and repairs on your vehicle. The other thing about being a driver-partner with Lyft or Uber is that the holiday season typically means that more people will need to fly to and from the city, to holiday meetings, and so on. This suggests that there are many more chances for Christmas and other holidays to make additional money.

Deliver Groceries and Foods

Deliver Groceries and Foods

Grocery distribution is rising in demand with everything going on in the world right now and is the best option on how to make extra money for Christmas. Plus, you do not have to have people in your vehicle which as a driver is a major plus point for many. Instacart is one of the most common methods to distribute food is. What is unique about Instacart is that before you take on any jobs you have the option to see a rundown of all the orders and how much money you can earn. Likewise, Postmates is a business that can compensate you up to $20 an hour to deliver groceries. On their website, you can search to see if they require drivers in your city. DoorDash is another related business.

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Babysitting Jobs

People are almost always searching for reliable babysitters, and for a night out, they are prepared to pay well. And leading up to Christmas, parents also have more activities and nights out during which they require sitters. Ensuring there are more chances for Christmas to earn easy money. Encourage you to post, thus making you know if your services are wanted by someone in your field. This means that, only by looking online, you may be able to locate a one-time job or even a regular babysitting gig. You would most likely be likely to price more than $10 an hour if you have any special talents or have additional jobs, such as washing up around the home, coaching the child how to speak another language, private lessons, picking up the child from sports, etc.


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