how to make sperm thicker and stronger

According to a report, the cause has everything to do with the male ‘s wellbeing for about 30 percent of couples dealing with infertility. And if the results of your guy’s semen examination return to normal. There are always factors that could affect your chances of being pregnant. Not just that, but for stable infants, healthy sperm makes. A research showed that there was a decreased reaction to stress. In children born to men who had endured stress, something that is related to anxiety and depression. However, there are some natural ways on how to make sperm thicker and stronger that you can find in this article:

Get a Decent Amount of Vitamin D

Researchers are not entirely clear why, but vitamin D and calcium levels. In the blood tend to affect the health of sperm. Researchers reported an important correlation between increased fertility in male subjects. And a higher level of vitamin D in the blood in a 2019 literature review of 18 trials. However, when evaluating these data, the study authors urge caution, and they recommend more clinical trials to validate their findings. Analysis suggests that calcium deficiency can also have a detrimental effect on sperm count. In health food stores and online, vitamin D supplements are available for purchase.

Decent Amount of Vitamin D

Regularly Workout

Exercising daily, in addition to being healthy for your overall wellbeing, will increase testosterone levels and enhance fertility. Studies suggest that men who frequently exercise have higher levels of testosterone and greater semen content than inactive men. You should stop too much activity. Though, as it can have the opposite effect and theoretically decrease the levels of testosterone.

Regularly Workout

It will mitigate this risk to have the right amount of zinc. Testosterone is boosted by exercise and it helps you make sperm thicker and stronger. Yet vitamins and accumulated hormones may be exhausted by excessive activity or overtraining. What’s more, too much time will bring undue strain. The testicles on a bike or in spinning class, so try taking a break for a bit.

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Avoid Junk Food

Fertility may be impaired by inflammation in the body from eating processed, packed and fast foods. Your body can’t remember it because you’re not consuming a whole meal. So it needs to use preserved nutrients to absorb it. It takes away the nutrients that you would use to make semen. So stock up on loads of fruits and vegetables, perfect for organic and in-season produce, whole grains with low glycemic index levels and sugar and salt reduction.

Avoid Smoking

A 2016 meta-analysis that analyzed the outcomes of more than 20 trials. With a total of about 6,000 participants showed that smoking decreased the sperm count consistently. The researchers observed on how to make sperm thicker and stronger that individuals who smoked moderate to large levels of cigarettes had a poorer standard of semen than individuals who smoked less intensely. Oxidative stress can be caused by smoking tobacco and marijuana and can destroy the semen. What’s more, a new study has found that smoking pot can also change the sperm’s size and shape.

Avoid Smoking

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Relax and Reduce Stress

When you are feeling stressed, it’s hard to get in the mood. But there may be more to it than not feeling up for sex. Stress may reduce your sexual pleasure and your fertility could be impaired. Researchers conclude that these adverse effects of stress can partially be explained by the hormone cortisol. Prolonged tension boosts cortisol levels, which has a significant detrimental effect on testosterone.

Make Sperm Thicker

Testosterone levels tend to go down as cortisol goes up. Although severe, unexplained anxiety is normally handled with medicine, with calming strategies, milder types of stress may be reduced. Stress control can be as easy as enjoying time with friends, meditating, relaxing, or enjoying a stroll in nature.

Eat Seeds and Nuts

Almonds, nuts and walnuts, like most nuts and seeds, are excellent options. Since they are filled with selenium, zinc and copper to help count semen. In reality, a study in the Biology of Reproduction journal. It showed that men who consumed around 2.5 ounces of walnuts a day increased their stamina, motility and morphology of sperm. Ancient grains such as millet, amaranth and quinoa are also good alternatives.


While thinking of how to make sperm thicker and stronger. One must remember that 10 million or less per milliliter is a poor sperm count. It may make pregnancy difficult and is often related to infertility in males. Many men who are dealing with low sperm counts feel guilty or humiliated. For those with low sperm counts, being a parent may still be a fact, however. Any way, you can be more physically and emotionally prepared for the fertility process. You can devote yourself to only a couple of the techniques discussed or you can dive full deep and take them all on.


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