how to monitor your child phone

You’ll need a parental control solution that tracks all of your children’s computers if you want to keep them safe online. The following parental control applications will monitor phone use, location, and more to give you peace of mind about your child’s safety. So, if you’re a suspicious dad, continue reading. Read this guide on “How to monitor your child’s phone?” to get better solution.


Qustodio bills itself as the strongest free parental control software on the internet if you are finding ways of how to monitor your child’s phone. The Qustodio app is available for Windows PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, and Kindle computers, and it features a robust dashboard that allows you to keep track of your child’s online activities.

You can track your child’s site and search engine use, track her Facebook and Twitter logins, and set time limits for the free version, but with Qustodio Premium, you can also track her location, block those games and applications, monitor calls and text messages, and more.


According to TopTrackingApps, mSpy is the most widely used mobile phone monitoring app in the world. Its biggest selling point is that you can track a variety of items with it, including who they call, what they email, the applications they use, how many friends they have, and their GPS location. And, according to Sedgrid Lewis, the founder of SpyParent, “it works.”

Although the number of spying apps isn’t restricted, ease of use and dependability are important considerations to remember while thinking of how to monitor your child’s phone. The average American teen spends up to seven hours a day on mobile devices interacting with others. According to a new study by cyber protection company AVG, one out of every three teens has regretted everything they did online by the age of 16.

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This amazing digital protection app has literally saved lives. It’s true. Parents can conserve time and achieve peace of mind by having Bark scan text messages, YouTube, tweets, and 24 separate social networks for future safety issues. Thanks to machines that continuously track terms appearing on your child’s phone. It will also proactively alert you to problems like sexting, cyberbullying, and depression.

However, in addition to alerting parents, Bark frequently offers advice about how to cope with the situation. It has resulted in the saving of 33 lives by alerting parents to their child’s apparent suicidal plans. This is one of the best apps to consider for how to monitor your child’s phone.


This application has a variety of helpful features such as social media surveillance, location tracking and warnings, and more. It’s classified as a worry-free all-in-one app for parents who want to monitor their child’s phone. One of the most useful functionality is social media tracking. MamaBear allows you to monitor activity on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can als0 see whether users add new badges, check-ins, or post photographs.

Through creating a restricted words list, you will even be alerted when offensive vocabulary or signs of abuse are posted on their profiles. You will also get updates if your teen exceeds a speed limit you set. There are many plan options available, including one that is completely free. Hope it will solve your problem of how to monitor your child’s phone?


Boomerang is an excellent parental control software for Android and iOS. It allows parents to monitor their children’s online, app, and smartphone behavior. It’s just for handheld devices, but you won’t be able to use it to track Macs or PCs.

Boomerang also allows you to create geo-fences, track YouTube app operation, record calls and SMS messages. Also, set up always-allowed activities for emergencies, among other things. However, many of its features are only available on Android. We’d like to see more competitive pricing choices, as well as the new need to side load the Android version.

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Screen Time

Outside of their phones, Screen Time is dedicated to letting kids be kids and enjoying the world of childhood. Screen Time allows parents to keep track of how much time their children waste on their mobile devices from afar. You can use Screen Time to set regular time limits. Give homework to your children and monitor the apps they use the most, and more. It is also an amazing app while thinking of how to monitor your child’s phone.


Children and handheld devices can be a dangerous combination. Check out the free and paid applications and tools that you can use to track and restrict your toddler’s mobile usage. Track whether she’s only learning to use your family tablet or iPad or your teen has her own smartphone. These apps may be useful if you are thinking of how to monitor your child’s phone. Also it is helpful, if you want to give your kids some online privacy and freedom but are concerned about cyberbullying, too much screen time, or the need for wifi taking over your family’s existence.

Know that new applications are released all the time, so start teaching your children about social media protection. Also tell them about “internet citizenship” at a young age. There are many tools available that can help you track anything from your child’s social media use.



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