how to prepare for surgery during covid

Recently, a new highly contagious and at times almost fatal virus. With very less history for scientist to go on ‘The Corona virus’, or ‘COVID-19’ is inciting panic throughout the world. Since it is highly contagious and present no immunity, it has become one of the biggest threat for everyone. As people can easily get infected by touching anything that is infected by Corona Virus. How to prepare for surgery during covid therefore the questions normally asked by the guardian during any surgery have become more meaningful and important than ever.

When the first wave of COVID-19 hit, hospitals had to stop all. The other operations in order to accommodate the main surgery. The second wave also brought with it more fear and cancellation of and extra appointments. However, now the vaccine has been found and due to that many changes have occurred in the previous plans. Doctors and hospitals are much more prepare than before.

As a patient, one must be physically as well as mentally ready before the surgery. There are certain things that a patient must do to increase the body immunity. To improve health and to reduce the pain and lingering risk of depression and anxiety.

Follow the tips below on how to prepare for surgery during covid-19.


The patient once told to have a surgery, must keep himself physically fit and active. A little exercise on your part can keep you active and help boost your immune system while being prepared on how to prepare for surgery during covid-19. Exercise is always beneficial as it also increases blood speed and helps to reduce the virus effect. By continuing physical activity, especially on the part that has to be operated will also result in speedy recovery and will also help with managing the pain level. Being overweight, unfit or smoker can definitely cause many complications and risks during surgery as these have effect on many vital organs of your body.


Being physically active is one thing but being mentally active also plays very important role while thinking of how to prepare for surgery during covid-19. Surgery is a small wide word that has different impact on every one. If you keep yourself mentally fit i.e. by thinking positive and avoiding negative thoughts that can depress you.e.g. Thinking that it’s just a phase and will pass soon and you will be fine helps you being positive during surgery and will keep anxiety and depression that is even more killing than virus itself at bay.

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A survey explained that patients diagnosed for surgery often develop anxiety, depression and insomnia or psychiatric disorders. Depression and anxiety can result in to high blood pressure or high or low sugar rate which can be very dangerous during surgery.


  • As corona virus is highly contagious so once advised for surgery, it’s better that the patient isolates himself from others in order to protect himself and other people.
  • As it’s a common practice now to quarantine oneself for fourteen days.
  • How to prepare for surgery during covid before surgery one must avoid contact with others for the recommended period.
  • The patient must take precaution like washing hands and using sanitizer in order to avoid exposing to virus.
  • Herbal remedies must be used at home to avoid sore throat and cough.


The preoperative assessment will take place before the surgery. This is kind of discussion that your doctor will do either on telephone or via any online conversation or in some cases face to face meeting in order to avoid risk of exposing to virus or other infections. This will be done to ask about patient’s current physical and mental position.


Once the operation is advised a few days before it the patient will be asked to take Swab test for corona virus. The patient will be checked for any signs of infection such as continuous cough, loss of taste, improper breathing or temperature.

One must inform the doctors about the persons he has been in contact to because they might have caught the virus or would have infected you too. If there is any possibility that you patient has caught the corona virus. How to prepare for surgery during covid then surgery is likely to be postponed to avoid complications.


When the patient arrives at hospital, he must be equipped with precautionary measures as in, he must be wearing mask. Gloves or aprons as to cover himself from the pandemic threat of Covid-19. The hospital staff must also be following the same SOP’s of keeping their faces covered and wearing gloves while checking the patient. Ask all the questions that comes to your mind regarding surgery. If there is any ambiguity get it clear by the doctor to have depression free surgery.

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It is likely possible that the patient is again tested for corona virus. If the test’s result is negative, he will be directed to operation theatre. However, if the corona test results are positive most likely the surgery will be postponed as there is high risk of complication.

Thus the main focus on how to prepare for surgery during covid-19 should be in maintaining your physical health. Keeping yourself fit, avoiding unhygienic places, taking precautions against corona virus like maintaining social distance. Washing hands and using herbal remedies to avoid having temperature. Or cough and above all keeping yourself mentally fit and avoiding depression and anxiety.


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