how to protect eyes from mobile and computer

We are living in 21st century, use of mobile and computer is a need now. Mobile and technology are the technologies that are not only used in offices, schools, IT companies. These technologies are now used by everyone whether they are at home, in urban areas or in rural areas. To use these technologies one should not be properly learned about it. It’s just a skill that even an illiterate person can earn money. how to protect eyes from mobile and computer just having skill to use electronic devices.

These technologies minimize distance and gaps. One can send messages, e-mails, documents or any other media files within few seconds to other person who may be in other country. Technology has been extended from messages, calls to business and marketing. Mobile and Computer plays an important role in the growth of business as a digital world. As these technologies are now equipped with facility of internet, connections are now easier of they are via video or audio.

Specifically talking about importance of mobile and computer in education field, it plays remarkable role for students and teachers as well. There are so many educations related stuff we can easily find on internet by accessing through mobile and internet. People tend to spend a lot of time on screen which causes several health problems among which the problem of weak eyesight is a major one. We often think how to protect eyes from mobile and computer, but fail to follow the ways.

Pros and Cons of using Mobile and Computer


Use of mobile phones and computer in our life on daily basis is very important. We can take great advantage these technologies in our life, career and business. From the government to the private sectors everyone is taking advantages from these technologies. Use of google for searching job related keywords is nearly 1K every month it means everyone uses and likes these technologies. Users of these technologies are constantly growing and that is the reason there are so many institutions, books, YouTube channels that are here to teach new people use of these technologies. Our daily life activities are based on technology based. Computer and mobile phones changed our lives 2 decade ago and now its important for us to make use of these technologies in our daily life routine. Computer and mobile technologies have following important uses:

  1. In education
  2. Business
  3. In hospitals
  4. Banking sectors
  5. In government and private offices
  6. At home for personal use
  7. Marketing


Along with so many advantages/ pros of using computer and mobile technology, there are so many disadvantages of excessive use of mobile and computer. Some of them are as follow:

  1. Carpal tunnel and eyes strain
  2. Too much sitting
  3. Short attention
  4. Loss of privacy
  5. Increase wastes
  6. Reduce physical jobs
  7. Abuse, trolls and exploitation
  8. Anti-social and depressed life.

We will specifically highlight the disadvantage of eyes strain that is due to excessive use of mobile and control and the ways how to protect eyes from mobile and computer.

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How to Protect Eyes from Mobile and Computer?

Use of 20/20/20 Rule

Our eyes should not watch screen constantly for the whole day. By following 20/20/20 rule, our eyes can take rest. This rule works as if we watch screen for 20 minutes after 20 minutes we should look at anything that is 20 feet away from us for 20 seconds. This is an important step on how to protect eyes from mobile and computer.

A Well lit Room

It may sound awkward; it’s true that less light in room is better to use mobile and computer. Whenever you are using computer close window curtains your room should not be bright. Use bulbs with low voltage while trying how to protect eyes from mobile and computer.

Regular Eyes Exams

An eyes expert can better guide you about your eyes health, care and habits. It also ensures that our eyes aren’t worse than normal eyes strains. This is important to protect eyes from mobile and computer.

Reduce Glare

Continuously glaring at computer or mobile screen can stop your eyes to focus and adjust easily on the content you are trying to focus. Use anti-glare matte screen to protect eyes from mobile and computer.

Lessen the Use of High Resolution Screens

Most of the old computer don’t have capability to maintain CRT screens. Those are the old computer screens with low refresh rates that created a noticeable flicker that made your eyes feel uncomfortable. Avoid using high resolution screens to protect eyes from mobile and computer.

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Reduce Blue Light

Wave length of blue ray is very short and it can cause great harm to our eyes. We can reduce it by using specialist glasses and by reducing color temperature of the screen.

Keep a Sensible Distance

You should maintain distance of 16-18 inch from your phone. Don’t hold your phone too close, if you want to see anything closer just zoom in the screen.

Don’t Forget to Blink

This might sound silly to you; it’s easy to forget to blink when we are using mobile phones unconsciously we become so focused on it, we simply stare at the device. This is the most important one to follow how to protect eyes from mobile and computer.


Use of technologies is very important for us. We have to carefully follow the precautions to prevent ourselves from having disadvantages caused by excessive use of technologies.
Excessive use of everything is not good. We have to maintain balance and follow all the tricks that can save our heath specially our eyes from screen. Hope you loved this “how to protect eyes from mobile and computer?”.


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