how to put parental control on youtube android

YouTube has thousands of excellent videos, all of which are appropriate for children to enjoy. Cartoons, TV series, science films, and early learning shows are all available. Children would have no trouble finding recordings of their favorite shows to watch. While this is a perfect way to keep a kid entertained on a long car trip. In a restaurant, what happens when the video is over. They begin searching for more things to watch on their own? With over 100 hours of videos posted to YouTube every minute. There’s a fair risk they’ll see anything inappropriate. It isn’t just funny cat episodes, after all. How to put parental control on youtube android is main question.

It comes pre-installed and works well as the first line of protection against the showing of inappropriate videos. It’s also completely secure. Although it cannot ensure that all objectionable content will be removed. It does a decent job of displaying videos that are most acceptable for children.

Protection Mode:

Protection Mode is the term for YouTube’s parental controls. When Safety Mode is allowed, the platform uses age limits, group flagging. And other information to help filter videos that are unsafe for children. YouTube’s Safety mode is linked to Google’s SafeSearch, so when you enable YouTube’s Safety feature. You’re also enabling Google’s SafeSearch function.

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Based on how old your child is, you may find that the YouTube Kids app for iOS and Android. Is a safer choice than the full-blown platform since the material is only targeted at children. Especially in the pre-school category. For the most part, it’s a decent service. But there have been concerns of odd videos emerging over the years that contain strange and often upsetting images.

To activate parental controls on YouTube on an Android smartphone or tablet, follow the same steps. The YouTube parental controls in Safety mode, on the other hand, are accessible only in the browser. YouTube is pre-installed on all Android smartphones. You can only toggle on SafeSearch in the Android YouTube app. Which isn’t as effective as Safety mode at covering objectionable content as it is in the iOS YouTube app. On Android smartphones.

Steps to Follow:

Here’s how to put parental control on youtube android:

  • Launch the YouTube app for Android and sign in by tapping the YouTube icon in the top left corner of the phone.
  • Then type your YouTube account information by following the instructions.
  • Select Settings from the three vertical points in the upper right corner of the panel.
  • Select General.
  • Pick “Strict” from the SafeSearch filtering menu.

Logan Paul, a well-known YouTube user of over 15 million followers. Was in hot water after uploading a video to YouTube that claimed to show a person hung from a tree after committing suicide.  Logan was in a Japanese forest where suicides were common. Paul later apologized for the video upload on several occasions, and YouTube eventually took it down.

Parental Control on YouTube Android

However, it was replicated by others and was still available until it was shut offline. His activities follow a slew of concerns over the service’s perceived failure to protect youngsters. Since police found they were targeting youngsters, YouTube deleted more than 150,000 videos from its site. And disabled feedback on more than 625,000 videos in November of that year. How to put parental control on youtube android is a key point in this article.

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And there were allegations of sex predators in some of the comments. At the time, YouTube also reported that it had pulled advertisements. From nearly 2 million videos that contained content that was unacceptable for children.

Enabling privacy controls on YouTube is easy and takes just a few steps. The trick is to make sure that this functionality is available in all of the locations where your child could access YouTube. While the mobile apps only allow SafeSearch, they do assist in the elimination of any potentially dangerous materials from search results.

You can still update parental control software on your computer and tablets if you want even more protection. However, the measures outlined here are a simple first step on how to put parental control on youtube android. Allowing you to feel more at ease about allowing your children to watch YouTube.


Hopefully, your children will no longer be exposed to any of YouTube’s more violent content. There are no promises, so minimize the amount of time they spend viewing material. And make them watch it in the same space as you. You’ll be able to stop any unnecessary programs that the filtering may skip. This guide on “how to put parental control on youtube android” helps your living.


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