how to reduce belly fat in 7 days without exercise

It’s no wonder – it’s not an easy business to shed weight from your stomach, when the fat in your heart is stubborn than everywhere else. Although a quick-fix diet or fast weight reduction will never be recommended in how to reduce belly fat in 7 days without exercise. There are a few items that might cause a swollen stomach and some simple tricks to stiffen the belly. From your food to the level of physical exercise to the amount of sleep you get and the amount of tension you take, there are a variety of variables that induce and affect tummy fat.

Ways to Reduce belly fat without exercise

Here are a couple of things that will help you shed the excess pounds around your waist.

how to reduce belly fat without exercise

Get Enough Sleep

It’s real – lack of sleep leads to adding weight, so make sure you get your full eight hours a night. Cortisol (the stress hormone) levels rise as our bodies do not get enough sleep, which tells the body to conserve energy to get you through the day. Instead of burning it down, conserving calories means holding onto body fat, and that means a podgy stomach. Health specialists, for a reason, insist on 8 hours of quality sleep. Deprivation of sleep will make you munch on more calories than you really like or should have. Sleep-deprived people have been estimated to eat an average of 385 kilograms of excess calories per day, which is equal to the calories of around four and a half bread slices.

Cut out Sugar

You take in more calories every time you drink a bottled fruit juice than if you were just consuming the fruit. Although it is claimed that the packaged juices are actual fruit juices, they contain high concentrations of sugar, flavor, and color. Try stopping them while thinking about how to reduce belly fat in 7 days without exercise. Nearly all of us have a sweet tooth, and we can’t give up eating pastries and cookies either! Cakes with little sugar or refined sugar, dark chocolate and less sweetened candy can be consumed.

Drink Coffee

In our bodies, coffee induces’ brown fat ‘, burning sugar and fat to create body heat. So it’s actually nice for you to drink on your morning Espresso to help maintain your tum slim.

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Drink lots of Water

This key rule does much more than simply quenching the appetite and keeping you hydrated. Beginning the day with a glass of hot water cleanses the digestive tract and increases your metabolism. Drinking water daily removes more calories from being consumed and is useful to reduce belly fat in 7 days without exercise. We feel better than frequent ingestion and therefore don’t eat too much. So find a water bottle, fill it every morning as a ritual and hold it wherever you go.

Eat more Fiber

It takes longer to absorb fiber which thus gives you the maximum sensation and hence stops the bingeing of the mid-meal. Eat plenty of high-fiber ingredients, such as summer crops and seasonal fruits. Fiber keeps toxins free from the body and reduces constipation.

Eat Variety of Foods

Cleanse Your System

There is a need to treat bloating and constipation. In order to get rid of contaminants, drinking detox and cleaning juices and going to the bathroom are necessary. To use the toilet every day, the body wants to follow a schedule. Giving in to a hurry and not doing the big job is really convenient while considering how to reduce belly fat in 7 days without exercise. The brain can continue to ignore and avoid the body’s messages over time. You’ll continue to feel constipated over time, and, thus, bloated. By drinking a big glass of warm water as soon as you wake up, you can set up a morning routine. Almost immediately, you will feel a build-up of pressure down there.

Take Dark Chocolate

Not for every meal, so your tum will potentially help minimize a square or two of the darker sort. All boils down to the monounsaturated fat that will help speed up your metabolism. Plus, it gives you an energy boost so that, after all, you do not miss that home exercise.

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Eat Plenty of Protein

In order to control your appetite, protein will do wonders. It appears to take longer to absorb protein and therefore forces the body to secrete the intestinal hormone, Peptide YY, making you feel complete. As proteins aid digestion and decrease cravings or hunger pangs, consuming high-quality protein helps minimize abdominal fat. Your diet will contain baked cod, chicken broth, soy chunks, lentils, sprouts, and mushrooms.

Plenty of Protein

Avoid Food on the Go

This is one of the best methods to reduce belly fat in 7 days without exercise. And sure that you calm down and sit down for every meal. It will make you rest and reflect on what you eat. And make sure you keep your etiquette in mind. The amount of air that will otherwise get stuck in your stomach is minimized by feeding with your mouth closed, and not talking while you are chewing. Research has shown that you can also aim to chew more-by chewing per mouthful 40 times rather than 15, calories can be decreased by as much as 12 percent.


While if you want to lose weight, you can’t and shouldn’t totally do away with exercise, following these tips will surely take you an inch closer to the sleeker body you’ve been craving for. It is difficult to get rid of belly fat without working out, but not impossible. Having said that, to reach that ideal body, and, of course, to live a balanced life, you must start exercise and eating healthy. For the time being, these strategies can work if you can’t gather the willpower to do so and think of how to reduce belly fat in 7 days without exercise.


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