how to save for down payment while renting

For perhaps you will be renting, but we know you’re secretly dreaming of one day buying your own house. It’s a target for which many landlords are aiming and we have summarized the pros and cons of renting vs. owning. But the idea of home possession can still seem unlikely with the high cost of rent in many parts of Canada and the thought of saving money for a down payment. When you rent an apartment or home, knowing that the amount you spend per month does not give you any equity can be irritating. Following are a few ways on how to save for down payment while renting.

For many young people, saving money to purchase a house is a priority, so they can avoid renting. There are means of saving for a house when renting, though. If your investments are deliberate, have a good strategy and are prepared to sacrifice, it might be more possible to buy a house than you may expect.

Discretionary Spending should be Cut Down

Reducing your net expenses is one of the easiest ways to put funds aside for a down payment. Think of discretionary spending as anything to live that you don’t need. It can make a huge difference to save a little here and there and it doesn’t mean that the quality of life has to suffer.

how to save money for down payment while renting

How to Save for Down Payment while Renting

Following are a few ideas that will surely help you in saving for renting. Some of them are given below:

Cut back on the details for your mobile phone

If you use even less than you’re paying for even even when you’re browsing you’re normally linked to WIFI, then you should possibly cut back and add what you save into your down payment.

Negotiate Rent

It may sound insane, but some landlords, particularly those ready to sign a longer lease, will give rent discounts to good renters. On your quest to be a homeowner, even saving $10 or $20 a month will motivate you.

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Switch to Lunches in Brown Bags

Another simple way to save money is to carry lunch to work. If you realize that lunch is going to cost, you about $10 a day. You might potentially save $35 or more per week just by taking your lunch with you.

Cut down on the bill for your cable or get rid of the cable

You could get a yearly membership to Netflix and Hulu for far less than you pay for cable in a month, with so many online streams.

With a Side Hustle, Raise your Profits

There is nothing like taking up a side gig or even a second job if you’re thinking about how to save for down payment while renting. Your side hustle really doesn’t need to be misery. When you think about ideas, start with the things you already love to do. Such as, Regular exercise? After work, stroll local dogs or reference sports leagues on the weekend. Get safe and have any dough brought in? That will be a victory!

Raise your Profits

Have a teacher heart? You should hope to do tutoring for $30-40 an hour, and more if you work in a major city or have advanced degrees.
Loving domestic animals? Let your buddies and colleagues know that the next time they are out of town, you’re available to watch Rover. Get some treatment for fur and at the same time earn money.

Cheaply Decorate your Digs

It’s awfully enticing to start buying some decent furniture since this way. You can start populating it with parts you already own until you have your own home. But the furniture you purchase today does not suit the theme of your future home. In a few years it may be out of style, forcing you to sell it and buy it from scratch instead. Plus, pricey accessories shouldn’t be on the budget right now.

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Set up a fund for mortgage down payments

One way to carry your savings further is to deposit it into a bank account with high interest—preferably one that can’t be opened, such as a deposit card. It becomes liquid after the portfolio incurs its interest and hits maturity; at the latest annual percentage yield, recycle your dividends into yet another account to keep collecting more passive profits.


Saving money for a house down payment when you’re renting is not easy. However, you will find the spare cash that you need to become a homeowner with some diligent budgeting and imagination. Although renting can have its advantages, the plans to save for a down payment can be really thwarted by that monthly rent charge. Diversifying all the ways you can get to that dollar number. How to save for down payment while renting is the smartest way to save up for such a big cost. Take this list as a jump-off point to search at opportunities to gain extra money for the greatest result and increase your earnings.


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