how to start a blog with no money

This is the perfect freedom for those who are looking to start a blog and earn a real income. This digital nomad lifestyle, though, isn’t that recent. For decades now, people keep making money online. And as the internet saturates more and more of the global population. How to start a blog with no money becomes both easier and harder to obtain your money at the same time. Many individuals who start a blog may not realize what they’re in for. Perhaps they do not realize the amount of work that is waiting for them. Sure, the 9-to-5 hours are gone as they need to lie down in a cubicle with their heads down or in some office in a corporate building in an industrial area on the 12th floor, but so is the promise of some semblance of salary.

How to Start a Blog with No Money?

This guide covers all essential aspects of creating a blog. Find out how to start a blog without money that helps you earn enough income. All right, so if that doesn’t dissuade you one whit, or you’ve really made the decision to start a blog, here’s what you’ve been doing in a step-by-step format.

Step 1: Decide a Certain Niche

Deciding on a niche is the first move in launching a blog. You may have selected a niche already. You really haven’t. Your niche will be your content perspective, in essence. What are you going to write? What details are you trying to convey? Is it going to be about another industry? Maybe it’s going to be in a certain talents or personal growth area? Whatever it is, decide now on it.

The goal of any blogger who starts a blog is mass appeal to a wide audience. Although it is impossible to saturate the competition any way you slice it. How to start a blog with no money with a smaller audience would not benefit you. For example, if you wish to write about resume writing skills. You might want to take a wider approach to broader business or job skills and data.

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Step 2: Select an Appropriate Domain Name

Finding a decent domain name is the next step in beginning a blog and finally gaining a healthy income. These days, domain names are in high demand, and all types of new extensions are available. Often, you want to make sure that the domain name is short. Do not go past 3 terms. Two words are perfect, but the actual limit is three words.

Appropriate Domain Name

Hyphens in the domain name can also be avoided, since they are typically signs of spam. Look for a two-word domain name that does not use hyphens and attempt to opt for a dot-com domain. How to start a blog with no money you should also attempt to use a keyword in your niche within the domain name. It’s not necessary, so down the line, it’s a perk for SEO.

Step 3: Setup Google Analytics

To ensure that you install an analytics system, the next step in launching your blog is. Google Analytics on your WordPress site is a perfect choice and is very easy to set up. Download an Analytics plugin or use Google’s Tag Manager plugin to customize and connect all together until you’ve built an Analytics account.

You can also add an AMP analytics extension after it is complete to ensure that you can track AMP sites that will not be trackable with a regular Analytics installation because it is a minified page and will need a different file to the current version to track visitors to the AMP page.

setup google analytics

Without strong analytics, you can’t evaluate and track your job and the efficacy of your blogging. Make sure you set things up right at the beginning so that you can assess how good your campaign strategies are panning out.

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Step 4: Produce Keyword-Focused Content

Starting a blog that makes money really means writing a lot. Not just any prose, though. You ought to write material based on keywords and do it repeatedly. There are a lot of guidelines that you can obey when it comes to writing your content if you want it to be successful when it comes to SEO (in particular, over 200+ that you can read about here), but try not to allow it to overtake you.

You will not get any momentum from the efforts in the first year. Even if you write a massive amount of fantastic content, it would be slow-going at best. How to start a blog with no money you have extremely valuable domain names to connect to you via other great content. Yet the course should continue with you. Write as much material as you can in the beginning, and post it everywhere. Don’t sacrifice quantity over consistency, though. Ensure that all posts are excellent, high-quality posts that are important to your community and niche, while being keyword-centered as well. Do not veer off the subject or go for another on one tangent.


Keep learning and trying your best to understand more and more about blogging. How to start a blog with no money providing your readers with valuable lessons, and you will excel. Any of the world’s most popular bloggers receive millions of dollars every month. Don’t expect it straight away to happen. But it does show you the promise of what, if you stick to it, you can do in this business.


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