how to trick toddler into eating vegetables

In childcare, there is a lot of motivation to find out how to get a child to eat vegetables. And if your kid doesn’t eat greens, then this parenting thing is definitely totally flunky for you. A troublesome science that parents have been tinkering with for centuries is figuring out how to trick toddler into eating vegetables. Give one of these simple food prep tricks a try the next time your little one gets a blow up at the idea of peas or throws his carrots at you!

How to Trick Toddler into Eating Vegetables

There are some tips and tricks that helps you to get your children’s eat vegetables without any trouble.

Creating Cool Shapes

Often kids reject veggies because at the moment you are about to prepare a dinner, they’re bored and really don’t want to feed. So, make fun of the meal! From a hunk of cucumber, carve a finger puppet. Create a grape tomato snowman by using toothpicks. Or, by using a cookie cutter, turn slices of baked sweet potato into hearts.

Create Desserts with Vegetables

Yeah, this is something, and adults are going to enjoy it too!
Chocolate avocado pudding is our favorite, which is so simple. Just mash a ripe avocado with coconut powder and maple syrup. They may also like brownies with zucchini and chocolate beet cake.

Create Desserts with Vegetables

Hide Veggies in Meat

In Poultry, Cover Vegetables
Sneak in a few soft veggies while cooking up your favorite meatloaf, meatball, or homemade sausage recipe. Sweet peas, diced steamed carrots, and chopped spinach are combined and nearly unrecognizable with cooked beef.

Give a Sauce for Dipping

If it is a smooth salad dressing, fresh hummus, or juicy marinara sauce, whether he can dip (and get messy) with his veggies, your kiddo is more likely to give those vegetables a shot.

Get it Creamy

Children enjoy gooey, sticky things, like jelly and pudding cups. Play up this texture in an upcycled, clean pudding cup tub by providing creamed corn. Or, add cheese sauce, including pasta or mashed potatoes, to minced cauliflower and broccoli florets served over a favorite carbohydrate.

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Change the Presentation of Vegetables

Without all the added fat from deep-frying, oven-frying makes for some tasty, crunchy vegetables and can entice picky eaters. It doesn’t hurt a little cheese here and there either and is the best way to trick a toddler into eating vegetables.

Get the Veggies into some Bread

On the inside of a quesadilla, burrito, taco, or pita, add vegetables. Mixed with the veggies, the loaf and other foods. How to trick toddler into eating vegetables help soften the intense flavors and diverse textures. Consider pumpkin, carrot, spinach or sweet potato. These muffins can be tasty down the right and will always be used in your child’s eyes as a sweet treat. It also happens that the popular banana pumpkin bread recipe is high-fiber and immune enhancing!

Vegetable in a Bread

Take Size and Volume into Account

The way to go is still small bits and a minimal number. With their eyes first and texture second, kids may be confused. Before getting overloaded by it, biting or chewing through a little slice can help them explore the feel, which can be very different.

Create a Veggie-Juice Cocktail

To make a shake, add carrot juice to the apple juice and serve as is or combine the mixture with ice (add yogurt to turn it into a veggie-fruit smoothie). More fun than that: spill the juices into ice-pop trays and frost your own ice-pops. Your toddler should never know how healthy that ice treat actually is.

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Switch the Foods

It really counts as a vegetable! Replace meat burgers for veggie burgers made in part with diced vegetables! Serve spaghetti squash instead of pasta and then smother it with sauce. Still easier: For frozen veggie crumbles, swap taco beef. It might not be possible for the whole family to say the difference.


Parents sometimes ask how to trick a toddler into eating vegetables, and it doesn’t take a lot of work, thankfully. By hiding vegetables in chosen bowls, you can go the sly way. Or, chat about the advantages with your toddler and get them to understand that they are important to eat. Without going crazy, we need to give ourselves some mercy as parents to have the most nourishing choices we can. How to trick toddler into eating vegetables have these ingredients to help while attempting to acclimate their taste buds to any of these bitter veggie tastes!


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