indoor activities to do with toddlers

This time of year, indoor activities are excellent to have on hand for any generation. But in particular, toddlers tend to feel antsy and require some more hands-on care. We tried to round up indoor activities to do with toddlers when we put this list together. It is quick to do each of these indoor games for toddlers. Simple to set up. And it uses products you may have on hand already.

Top 10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Indoor Activities to do with Toddlers

There are many indoor activities that a toddler can do to engage their physical and mental fitness. Some of these indoor activities to do with toddlers are given below:

1. Play Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is an awesome indoor activity for toddlers. It’s a lot like the feel of brown sugar if you haven’t made cloud dough yet. Crumbly and loose, but it is still possible to compact together! And it’s also easy to make! Everything you need to make cloud dough is cornstarch and vegetable oil.

2. Lines of Colored Tape

Tape a line on the floor in varying forms and make a toddler walk over it, trying to match their best. How about going backwards? Can they do that forward? Another impressive gross motor movement that can be undertaken indoors. Each of the colored lines follows. You could choose your child or let them go about as they please, such as following the leader or “Simon Says”. It’s pretty easy with a straight line. After all, it is straight! The bent and zig-zag lines, though, are tougher. To keep on your color, children will need to focus on balance. By making it sideways, or even sideways, make it tougher! You may even “challenge” toys to step around the colored tape lines! In the lines, push trucks or “walk” animal toys.

Colored Tape for kids

3. Cardboard Box Train

Get the boxes of cardboard out and make! Let the dreams flow. A package may be anything at all: a train, car ramps, an aircraft, a home. A box train with all the packaging and cardboard boxes was produced over the holidays! It made indoor toddler play seriously fun for others. This is one of the top indoor activities for toddlers.

indoor activity cardboard train

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4. Sticky Spider Web

To see how you can stick them, tape up the doorway and chuck some newspapers (or cotton balls!) at it. For gross motor exercise, an outstanding indoor activity! Halloween is associated with spider webs, but this sticky spider web game can be played all year round. Having kids going is a fun challenge! For indoor play, this sticky spider web activity is great. In any window, corridor or other very narrow space that you have, it can be achieved.

5. Indoor Energetic Newspaper Throwing

Dig out a newspaper from the recycling bin and chuck a ball at them! Through this indoor activities to do with toddlers, you can add a goal to the mix and practice counting too. All terrific gross motor practice. Great for practicing throwing, but also hand-eye coordination, as well as some practice counting in there too! Super quick settings. Any newspapers, and some kind of pool or bucket to throw in.

Indoor toddler Newspaper Throwing activity

6. Make a Blanket Fort

When they are inside a blanket fort, all the toys are better. In the family room, help your toddlers create their own super-fort. For hours drawing or playing with their action figures indoors, they will remain occupied. Since plain old toys take on a new existence under the roof of a blanket for whatever reason.

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7. Play Hide and Seek

Oh, I know this one is sort of basic, but it’s easy for little kids to Enjoy. Using the whole house to get creative with the game’s rules. For starters, instead of counting to ten, children have to recite the alphabet. Your children won’t be that hard to find. As soon as I reach the room, mine typically pop out of their hiding places. (Play it up a little and say you can’t spot them).

indoor activities with toddlers

8. Have a Dance Party

Use some loud music to help unleash some of their almost infinite energy. You will work off pent-up tension and get some workout by dancing around the house. Sure, you can do that with songs for kids.

9. Wash Plastic Toys

Make a toy washing station and give a bath to the plastic toys. This indoor activities to do with toddlers can be helpful in two ways. Such as making children realize the value of cleanliness and also keeping them busy in taking care of their toys. Fill a small container with water (it can be made bubbly if your toddler likes it). Let them wash their toys one by one and enjoy dropping them in and out of water.

Toddlers washing toys

10. Match and Glue

If you give a kid a bottle of glue … he’ll actually want to squeeze every last drop of glue out of that thing and see what’s going to happen. Either that, or if you give him a bottle of glue, maybe he doesn’t know what to do with it because, guess what? It’s not a talent they’re born with. Kids need to practice gluing. This activity basically includes matching pom pom balls to colors and gluing them.

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11. Paint the Trash

Using trash for toddlers’ activities is one of the best ways to make them learn various skills and enjoy. Recycled trash make for the perfect toddler activities supplies. Toddlers can be asked to cut the trash into different shapes and paint them. They can also make cardboard boxes and paint and decorate them; then use them for putting toys and other stuff.

Conclusion – Indoor Activities to do with Toddlers

To help him understand words, improve problem-solving talents, discover more about the world around him and, yes, burn steam, your toddler relies on play. Keeping the little one amused provides parents with a fresh and unusual challenge in a time where “social distance” is highly encouraged: entertaining their children so that everybody can remain comfortable, safe and sane.


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