new years eve party ideas at home

If this year you are throwing a New Year’s Eve party or pregame, you need to go all out-after all, it is the end of the decade. We have plenty of suggestions on this page to make sure yours is a party for the record, if you choose to go bold with the decorations, or leave it subtle. New years eve party ideas at home are ahead of us and the pledge of 2021 will launch on a positive note.

New Years Eve Party Ideas at Home

Set Up a Champagne Bar

This New Year’s Eve, don’t be behind the cocktail shaker. Set up a pour-your-own champagne bar instead to keep the bubbly flowing all night long (and the party going). Be sure to serve cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, or pepperoni pizza, both of which combine remarkably well with champagne, to stop a nasty hangover.

Prepare the Perfect Cocktails

This year you’re going to be alone, which means you’re not going to have to wait in line for an overpriced drink (a major win)! Load up on all your favorite spirits, beer, wine, and mixers, so that when the day comes around, you can have plenty of options. Then whip up some holiday drinks (it looks so amazing with this Sparkling Christmas Party Punch!) or blend your go-to drink. Create a delicious cocktail instead if you’re not drinking. The bottom line of new years eve party ideas at home. Do have your night’s tasty cocktail on hand for a perfect new year’s eve party at home.

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Get a New Sparkly Dress

Your house now is a runway for you. Go for it if you feel much better in sweatpants! But you can’t go wrong with a sparkly new dress if you want to get into the holiday spirit. When you’re home, who cares? Your party selfies, you know, are always! For a New Year’s Eve party crown or poppers when you’re at it to truly get in the mood.

Sweets Spike

Each New Year’s Eve party is better, in our experience, with two things: tasty desserts and booze. But why not merge all of them? A boozy dessert bar will bring a dash of spirit (literally) to the party. New years eve party ideas at home consists of (think: spiked tart buttercream cake, whisky ice cream floats, bourbon bread pudding, champagne macaroons, Irish coffee crepes, maple-pecan cognac balls and Baileys chocolate poke cake).

sweet spikes

Dance it out

Have anyone you’re celebrating with choose one song, and then turn them together into one huge playlist for the dance party. Google has a function where a playlist can be modified by several people, so it should be easy. It’s going to be interesting to try to guess who added what who knows? You might just learn more about the taste of your friends’ songs.

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New Years Eve Party 2020

Have a Wall for Countdown

Another adorable idea for picture walls! The countdown is a huge part of the tradition of NYE, and the best way to usher in the New Year Eve Party 2020 is this incredibly simple backdrop.

Bake a Cake and Decorate it

Baking sweets will change anything so spend some time testing out a new recipe for cookies, brownies, pie, or cake on New Years Eve Party 2020. Decorate it later, and enjoy it! It’s relaxing, it’s enjoyable and it’s absolutely delicious.

family dinner new year eve

Play Games

Sequins, glitter, and a crazy night out don’t even need to entail New Years Eve Party 2020. Invite your friends and family for a comfortable few hours, filled with festive winter decor and plenty of cycling video games.

Have a New Year’s Resolution Jar

Get people to start dreaming about their goals for the new years eve party ideas at home by inspiring them to write down their priorities. Put out a container of blank cards or pieces of paper so that anyone in their purse or pocket can stash theirs.

new years eve party 2020

Create or Buy Party Props

By offering some fun party props, take your photo booth to the next level. We love the thought of making your own so that you can pair them with the remainder of your decorations, but on the internet you can still snap up some pretty cute ready-made choices.

new years eve party ideas at home

Throw a Pajama Party

One thing we know for sure: we want to be as warm as possible if we’re trying to stay up late, which is precisely why we suggest a pajama party for New Years Eve Party 2020. Invite your friends for a night of sipping Kahlua hot cocoa, snacking on toffee cinnamon buns, and of course, sitting in front of a roaring fireplace (whether it’s actual or virtual) to wear their most cozy, most festive, or fanciest pajamas.


2020 was a crazy trip, but on the horizon, there are lots of positive stuff and it’s worth celebrating. There’s no better way to kick off another ride around the sun when it comes to new years eve party ideas at home than by having an epic celebration, so if you’re going to celebrate this year, please make sure you do so responsibly.


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