Virtual Christmas Party 2020

virtual christmas party 2020

It’s not a case of treating everyone to a dinner this year, putting a few quid behind the bar. Virtual christmas party ideas band on stage thinking that visitors are going to have fun. Many parties will go interactive in 2020, which means you’ll need to structure your party. That means a little bit of preparation, in part. Even an agenda, maybe! At the best of times, planning a Christmas party is overwhelming, but never more so than in 2020! For certain organizers this year the party-planning initiative would take the form of planning and holding a simulated party, instead of getting everyone to settle on what food they want. Here are a few simple ideas on how to host a Christmas party on Zoom:

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

Here are some interesting ideas that makes your christmas day memorable. Virtual christmas party always remember by years:

Try to set realistic expectations

The very meaning of a Christmas party is that you get to spend time in bathrooms. Virtual christmas party 2020 smoking areas with like-minded people with gossip and discussions occurring randomly. Unfortunately, using Zoom, it is hard to produce spontaneity and informality since the main room has no anonymity and simultaneous conversations are almost impossible.

How to host a Christmas Party on Zoom

Instead, assume the structured fun is going to be the name of the game this year. Take a look at the wide variety of interactive experiences offered. Virtual christmas party ideas from magic shows to food, pottery and escape rooms, and aim for the best. It may be that the Christmas party is not going to turn out to be the tedious experience you had expected.

Be Creative

Organizing a mass craft session is another alternative while thinking about how to host a Christmas party on zoom. You should really make wreaths, drinks, cookies, whatever. It’s a good touch, and make sure you give your participants a pack of everything they’ll need to make their craft. A BYOB cocktail hour seems to be one common choice for hosting a Christmas party. You may invite participants to share recipe ideas or even to make their cocktails on video. Eat your heart out, Tom Cruise.

Comedy and Magic Acts

Zoom is difficult for “typical party entertainment, such as bands and DJs, because at home people apparently don’t want to dance alone. But in a simulated world, entertainment such as magicians and improv comedy will perform very well as they are immersive at their heart. Guests will not just be amused—they will be part of the fun! Pro-tip: offer insider knowledge to the magician or comedians you book before the event to make their acts even more funny.

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Play Games

Often families focus upon playing board games every virtual christmas party 2020, as with so many others. Or as it was recently dubbed “dice and shouting games” by my youngest son. Just how fitting. Now a zoom-based Monopoly game is definitely not a feasible choice. There are however a few online alternatives, like browser-based gaming pages, that you can explore. Another (relatively) enjoyable choice is Christmas-themed scavenger hunts, which don’t take too long. ‘Call the holiday tune’ is another seasonal spin on a classic game where you create your own festive playlist to get players to guess the tune.

Independent Play

Have a theme for the meeting

Setting a theme or fancy dress code is one of the best ways to get people excited about a party especially when you host a Christmas party on Zoom. In fact, workers will also be accustomed to phone calls as a normal activity for an office party, so a theme party will change the Zoom call tone from ‘work’ to ‘play’ automatically. Here are some theme suggestions for the virtual christmas party ideas:

  1. Ugly sweaters from Christmas Mad Hatters
  2. Ball of Masquerade
  3. Sci-Fi-Fi
  4. Athletics
  5. Group on the Beach
  6. Festival (you can be much more precise and chose a time i.e. 60s/70s/80s/90s)
  7. Characters in Films
  8. Villains and Heroes
  9. Theme in colour, e.g. a Pink Group

Play Charades

Charades is one game that you can play on Zoom without too many changes (the game where the ‘player’ has to mime a movie/show/song/book without talking, for anyone to infer what it is).

how to host a christmas party on zoom

Divide everyone into teams. It’s better to have no more than four players, because it could take too long for anyone to get around. Alternatively, you should only play for fun and absolutely do away with teams.

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Play Bingo Online

At your Christmas party on Zoom, Online Holiday Bingo is a friendly and popular game you can enjoy. By encouraging friends to participate in chat rooms and breakout rooms, you can play a centered version of the game, or you can play in the party as a squad. In a row, the first player to mark five squares wins. You can deliver rewards, such as Amazon gift cards or extra PTO hours, for extra fun.


Your intention is to give audiences a sense of connectedness when planning to host a Christmas party on Zoom. Virtual christmas party 2020 although there are technological drawbacks, there are also ways to trick the brain into becoming more ‘at one with participants. You have to have as many of the five senses in sync to do something. How to host a christmas party on zoom that everyone feels the same thing at the same time.


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